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Riviera del Brenta (10 minutes away from the Matrix hotel)

Every year, from March to October, a number of pleasant excursions and river cruises are organized between the veneto villas along the river Brenta.

The Brenta boats are a group of panoramic rowboats and motorboats which sail along the Rivier del Brenta, from and to Venice, in between art and history along the path once followed by the ancient venetian Burchielli during the 18th century. The recommended trip, lasting a whole day from 9 am until 6 pm, usually comprises of the boat trip, the guide, the stop to visit three Veneto villas, the stop to visit the ancient mills of the 16th century and lunch in a restaurant on the side of the Riviera del Brenta if desired where the boat will dock.

The most famous trip is the one on the Burchiello which starts from Padua and arrives in Venice visiting all the most beautifull views of the riviera.

The Matrixrelais represents an excellent solution for those of you looking for a Hotel or bed & breakfast to serve as base for your tours on the Burchiello along the riviera del Brenta.

Burchiello sul Brenta - Matrix Turismo
Villa Pisani
Villa Pisani - Matrix Turismo
Villa Widmann
Villa Widmann - Matrix Turismo
Villa Foscari
Villa Foscari - Matrix Turismo
Villa Barchessa Valmarana
Villa Barchessa Valmarana - Matrix Turismo
Villa Giovanelli
Villa Giovanelli - Matrix Turismo
Riviera del Brenta
Venezia - Hotel Matrix