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It is not really clear how this city originated but it appears that a number of  inhabitants of the Paduan plain took refuge on the islands of the lagoon after  the Longobard invasion of the Veneto in 368.

During that period the area was not completely disinhabited. Those who sought refuge thinking of just a temporary solution found themselves considering those places their new home; this because they got used to it and because they saw the area as being safer to live in should a future invasion occur. During the following years the islands got more and more populated until all 118 of them where occupied.

The purpose of this brief introduction is not to replace a tourist guide. To follow are just some of the main buildings, sites and events to help you define a tourist itinerary.




Squares and Campi




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San Marco Square
Piazza San Marco Venezia
Ponte di Rialto
Ponte di Rialto - Venezia
Palazzo Ducale
Palazzo Ducale Venezia
Santa Maria Della Salute
Santa Maria Della Salute Venezia
Gondole Venezia
Riviera del Brenta
Venezia - Hotel Matrix